"I can't stop drinking, I haven't bathed in 2 months, and I'm walking 10 miles a day to find leftover beer and cigarettes in trash cans. I can't do this anymore. I'm going to die."

- Paul

I was just a part in this man's life.

Ruben is the one that has been stopping to talk with Paul at the Elizabeth train station where he has been living. He is the one that, in Paul's words on how they came to know each other, "just kept coming over and talking to me". He is the one that brought Paul to our offices today.

Despite his smell or drunkenness, Ruben kept loving Paul where he was at.

Because of this, Paul has had his first shower in 2 months today. Is sleeping in a bed tonight with the care of amazing doctors and nurses. Will get the opportunity to relax care free for a few days. Will have the chance to go to a long term program where he can be counseled and get his life together. Will have another chance at life.

Will not die alone and on the streets like he thought he was going to!!!

All this, because a 22 year old man decided to do what was right and not live in the "norm" of what everyone else was doing in ignoring this man.

Thank you Ruben for showing us how to care for and love the broken.

Thank you for not walking by, but stopping to SEE and LOVE.

Paul has completed detox and has entered a long term discipleship program in Newark!