Such weights.

As I walk by people this morning, taking in their posture, their pep, looking for eye contact, a hopeful smile, how heavy their breath sigh is coming out, and the confidence or lack there of presented in how walk, all I can do is think about what everyone is carrying around today under the surface.

Who is nervous about their day, maybe things at work have been on a downward decent for months and they are apprehensively approaching the moment they walk in the door get told they are no longer needed or desired.

Maybe the woman sitting next to me at the coffee shop got into a huge, blown out of proportion argument with her boyfriend last night and he said just that one thing he knew would hit her at the core, the single hole in her armor that brings out every insecurity and self-loathing doubt that is in her - and because it didn’t get resolved at 3am, now she’s tired, empty, and dreading what the day will bring.

Possibly the slow driver in front of me, completely oblivious to their surroundings is lost in the lost-ness of what life is going to look like without their dad or mom, or sister, or friend, in their life any more.

Everyone is fighting a hard battle inside of themselves in which they are trying desperately hard to hide, push through, or pray that no one else can see.

So today, I advocate on their behalf, and probably my own as well:

Stop. Take pause. Give grace.

Think through all of the times you just felt like you couldn’t do it today, handle life, see one more person, be asked a single additional question, or felt as though you were going to just die from the inside out.

Someone is right there in that same spot today - and most likely multiple someone’s.

So let’s give them a break. Listen well to how much ugh is in each word coming out of each other’s mouths or if it looks like they walk into the room carrying invisible baggage.

Maybe hold off on that thing you just felt like you needed to say or the honk that should be rendered.

Whether you are boss or the employee, each need the benefit of the doubt.

No one is except.

How can we do this better each day?

Comment below, let us learn together.

Share this if you feel it may be helpful to others.

Much love my friends!