30 Years Homeless.

30 years homeless.

“I’m starting to lose hope.”

His carts (all his belongings) were stolen. Now his glasses. He can barely see, his hearing is just as bad.

He’s lost at least 50lbs - I didn’t even recognize him when he walked up.

But, what’s the point?

Obviously he IS hopeless, if he hasn’t fixed himself in 30 years, then there’s no point in us wasting time resources, right??

Now, that all would be completely true if my or our goal at @nyc_relief was to fix him - but thankfully(!!!!) our goal is not to fix him, but to show up and love him right where he is.

Within loving him, we will do everything, EVERYTHING, possible to to alleviate the hopelessness, heartache, and despair - and that is exactly what Lauren and Alec, two of our Outreach Leaders, did.

After hearing the news of a five month wait to replace his glasses, they called one place after another for nearly an hour until they found a company that had an emergency appointment for next week. They also used our resources to write him a referral and then faxed over all the information once we got back to our base.

Now, at least for today, he is loved and cared for - and we will continue to do that every day that we have the opportunity to.

Please, please, pray and encourage and come with us.

There are some days that we just need that extra encouragement. #Truth

Thank you all for journeying alongside of me in all this!

Much love, share if you would like!