My night:

Often times I find that my first response to someone's plea for help or assistance is to think of all the reasons why I can't or shouldn't - not enough money, would be inconvenient, I already do so much or give so much, ect.

Tonight I met a guy named Justin standing outside of Penn Station with a backpacking pack on, holding a cardboard sign and asking for a ticket home. We talked for a couple minutes about his situation, I asked how much the ticket costs, $40, and I said let's do it.

He was so excited, even said that five minutes earlier a group of people had come by and prayed with him that he would get his ticket. (later found out that it was another group from our team).

Now he's headed home!

Love when it works out that awesome and easy, other stuff tonight didn't work out with other people I met... Spent most the night trying to help a guy I knew from a couple years ago but he chose a line of cocaine over a place to stay and a warm shower...

As we were parting ways, while he was doing his line, I said, "I love you", and he replied with a completely genuine, "I love you more".

This is a good summation of what my days often look like - Great victories and joy, right alongside extreme heartbreak.


Thank you for your love and prayers - so needed!