This is the post that I was hoping to never have to write.

Last week Renee had a miscarriage.

After 3 weeks of prayers (lots of prayers!), encouragements from so many people, and a rollercoaster of hope, our miracle didn’t happen in the way we were hoping it would.

In full honestly, we are at complete peace.

I still mean and stand by everything that I wrote in my first post. 
Miracles do happen. God does provide. 
Sometimes though, things just don’t go exactly in the way that we hope.

And that’s ok.

We are so, really, so incredibly blessed. Our marriage is strong, our communication between each other on point, and we will be trying again.

Thank you to everyone who offered up prayers, listened as we vented, hugged us, and wrote words of encouragement.

We love you all!

Brett & Renee