Tonight I found out that the guy that I wrote about in this post died last month from using K2 (synthetic marijuana). It's a cruddy thing. Reminds me to make the the most of every conversation I get to have. It could that person's last chance to hear truth and life/love. Just sad. 

Conversation with a homeless friend at Newark Penn Station tonight:
(This conversation was had while he was getting his self-described,"disgusting", feet cleaned and mended by one of our awesome volunteer nurses, Vera Yarmoliouk)

Brett: You know, I love you, Slim.
Slim: What?
B: For real, I love you man. 
S: Good. I need someone to love me. 
B: Well, I do. And if you ever need anything, ever, please let me know. Just as your feet are never too "disgusting" for our nurses to mend and clean, you could never bee too "disgusting" for us, or God stop loving you, and I just wanted you to know that. 
S: [A deep, heart felt] Thank you.

Now that I've been going to EWR Penn Station nearly every Friday night for the past year, I have been praying that I will have confidence to speak complete love with truth to my friends there. I don't know the last time someone told Slim that they loved him, maybe never. His "I need someone to love me" almost made me break down in tears right there.

We all need love. We crave it.

For me, God has called (and equipped) me to love on people that are completely broken and unloved. I have the ability to hear their cries for help, both verbal and non-verbal, and show love to them while they are in their despair. I love that I have the opportunity day in and day out to do this at The Relief Bus.

What is it for you? Who, or how has Jesus told you to love? My hopes in posting my life here for all to see is that it will be an encouragement for you to find out the answers to these questions.

Like I said, I am equipped to go out and love the broken-hearted... this may or may not be what you are suppose to do. We are all created uniquely, and with certain skills. Some with the ability to encourage or pray for others, some to go out and do the loving, while still others have the ability to fund those of us that are the doers. 
Each have the same amount of importance, and one doesn't work without the others. It's pretty cool how they all work together for the good of others. smile emoticon

Just figure out which part you are supposed to do - and do it with all that is within you!

Much love.