During debrief from today's outreach, one of our volunteers, Lauren, had this to say:

"What possibly could a high school girl from Indianapolis do to help the homeless in NYC... Then this happened: A man asked for a spoon, I handed it to him, and he just started telling me all about his life and how he was addicted to heroin and that he wanted to get clean and go to rehab, then I connected him with Josiah Haken [the Outreach Leader at that site], and Josiah got him connected with a plan and next steps"

That. Is. Amazing!

Love God, Love others.

Amazing how simple it can be sometimes. :)

Have you ever wanted to come out and serve with me on the streets, but felt like you cannot for one reason or another? I'd say that this story proves otherwise. Like our founder, Richard Galloway says, "God uses those who show up". Come out and see how God can use someone as unskilled and foolish as you... I'd know, He uses me every day in one way or another. 

Much love my friends!