Vulnerable failure.

Vulnerable failure of my night:

One of the most frustrating things I have about myself is, despite all I do to try to get rid of it, I still catch myself judging people.

If you have spent any time with me or hopefully it comes through on here, you will see that I genuine love people. My favorite people to talk to are those that everyone else doesn't want to look at or be around - thus what I get to do every day is PERFECT for me.

Tonight I was leading a group of volunteers around Penn Station area and we went up to an area with lots of seating. As I was scanning the area for people to talk to, I saw a transgendered individual and I made a point to go talk to her. I asked if she wanted any socks or a toiletry kit, and if she had heard of The Relief Bus. She said yes to everything and I made some more small talk, but then said goodbye and that I hoped to see her tomorrow.

My failure was that I thought through asking if she would like any prayer, but I defaulted to her appearance and made the assumption that she wouldn't want prayer.

After I walked away, I was like what the heck are you doing Brett!?!? 
How could I just assume this? How dare I?

I decided to go back and ask. She lit up and said, "YES PLEASE!"

We prayed and she was very appreciative - and I was too.

So, I guess the learning process to this is keep trying and keep learning.
Fail and try to do better next time.

Much love all!